Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crop art in real time

Crop art in time-lapse (72 hours condensed to 30 seconds) and in real time (five minutes). Now you can experience the seed-pasting adrenaline rush for yourself! The piece is a Grand Theft Auto / Festal Sweet Corn can combination.


bewilderedkid said...

This was really cool David.

David Steinlicht said...

Thanks, Dan! In 2006 I did Steve Stwalley's Soapy the Chicken in seed art. Someone (wish I could remember and link to who did it) used the Soapy-progress pictures I had posted online to make a time-lapse movie. I thought it was cool and I thought, gee, I should do that myself someday. Eventually, I did!

crazyphotoman said...

I really liked the time lapse... and about the first 10-seconds worth of the "real time."