Friday, April 23, 2010

"Foot in the Door 4" crop art on display

Here are the pieces of crop art I was able to find at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts show, "Foot in the Door 4." Four out of more than 5,000 pieces. That sounds about right for crop art. If you found more crop art, please let me know.

Suzanne Mears' "Crop Art Buddha" is placed at a neck-straining height on the wall, but the Buddha seems to be at peace with that.

[Click on the pictures for an enlarged view.]

Linda Wing's "An Experiment in Context" got a nice spot for viewing.

David Steinlicht's "We Love Katamari Clock" is way too high to see -- but "high" and "We Love Katamari" (the video game) go together nicely.

Liz Schreiber's "Baron Von Raschke" got a perfect spot for easy viewing enjoyment.

"Foot in the Door 4" a wonderful, overwhelming show to see in person. Go see it before it closes in June.

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