Saturday, July 19, 2008


This machine is an Opaque Projector. You put a page of paper or a book or a photo into it and it projects the image. Usually onto a screen. But I wanted to put an image onto an 11 x 14 inch board.

I got the image transferred, but because I had to draw vertically, it was quite awkward to do.

In previous years I used an "Art-O-Graph" -- at my place of employment -- that projected onto a horizontal surface. That was the way to go! But due to some over-enthusiastic spring cleaning tidying-up of the place of employment, the Art-O-Graph was thrown out! The Art-O-Graph, honestly, wasn't used that often, so it's no great loss to anyone at work. Boo-hoo for me, however.

The opaque projector I used this year was rescued from a school by one of my co-workers. (Wonder if anyone there is bemoaning its disappearance?)

Cool, but probably not what I'll use next time around. I'll probably go back to carbon paper or even the old-fashioned grid system.

In any case, the design is on the board. Time to get painting.

[2 hours]

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