Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Progress: Lisa

I had a July 31 deadline to finish the Our Lady of Guadalupe figure, her son and their aura. I missed it by 90 minutes, working into August 1 until 1:30 a.m.

(Better a partial-nighter now than an all-nighter later!)

((Her gown took months, as I laid them in contrasting stripes, barely distinguishable in this photo.))

My niece Evy helped me with the pour-and-pat technique, using beautiful canola seeds, for the background. Thanks again, Evy! Niece Emma also helped me place split peas on the left rose vine, but alas I decided they wouldn't work. Thanks anyway, Em!

Next challenge: finishing the rose vine and the roses. I have pretty red popcorn for the roses, all with the idea of framing the beautiful Our Lady. Note: I'm proud to use the homely and humble-but-intriguing-looking sugarbeet seed for the center of the roses. It's my homage to the northwest Minnesota staple crop.

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Teresa said...

Looks really nice. Thanks for all the detail on the construction.