Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Progress: Suzanne

I used shellac/lacquer that I brushed on instead the spray on. Much more shiny.

I had to add some glitter paint to the background, because when I applied the first spray on coat of lacquer there was some discoloring to the silver paint.

I then tried to repaint with the original silver, while covering completed Barbie with tape, but of course could only get so close to the edge, since I was using silver spray paint. So off to the store to buy more silver to hand paint on.

THEN I saw some super silver glitter paint, so I bought that instead of plain silver and painted that over original silver background.

Tired yet? THEN I did a 2nd coat of silver glitter paint, followed by 2 coats of paint on lacquer. DONE and off to the fair.

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