Saturday, August 22, 2009

Question: Seed legend cards in a bag

Hi David,

Here's a question. Remember how last year I was one of the few people who followed the new directive to put my index card in a baggie and tape it on the back? And how mine was the only legend card that wasn't hanging so people could read it???? (Being that it was still taped on the back.)

The rules say the same thing this year--should I/we ignore that particular instruction? Perhaps the reasoning was to keep the cards clean and free from entanglement while they were being delivered and judged, but if they stay taped to the back, how are the fair-goers going to learn about Minnesota crops? (Some sarcasm there.) On a more serious note, my legend card is part of my overall theme this year, so I need it to show.

As I write this, I realize your answer will be, "At the most you'll only lose a couple points..." so perhaps I have answered my own question. But I am curious what others plan to do...

Thanks and good luck on finishing your piece!




The hanging legend card was discontinued last year and I hadn't read the rules, so I was wrong. You were indeed right in putting it in a sandwich bag and taping it on the back. It was an oversight to have your legend card hidden. Most people who bagged the legend card had their legends properly displayed alongside the name tag.

I think the change in rules was to make the legend card easier to display with the name.

(Incidentally, if you see your crop art -- or anyone else's -- crop art improperly displayed at the State Fair, talk to the nearby Fair employees. They usually are very happy to fix things that are wrong.)

My advice: Do put your seed legend in the plastic bag again. It's the way it's supposed to be and helps the people hanging the display. That yours was improperly displayed last year was a mistake. And as for the rules and the points -- hey, a couple points here, a couple points there . . . .

Thanks for the wishes on my finishing this year. Looks like it will be a race to the finish!


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